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Toponymy of Benilloba

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Benilloba is located in the region of the County, 520 meters above sea level, in the middle of the valley formed by the Sierra Mariola, Almudaina, Alfaro de Aitana, Serrella and Serret all with elevations above 1,000 meters. It has 821 inhabitants and a municipality of 9.5 km2, crossed by the river or Frainos Penàguila. The climate is slightly continental, relatively rainy, where frequent frosts in winter and an average annual temperature of 15 ° C.

He was a former Muslim farmstead. The year 1316 belonged to Bernard of Crossroads; in 1317 he left the parish Penàguila. In the early seventeenth century belonged to the Count of Aranda; however, in 1757 it passed to Villagigedo.

The existence of textile mills has made Benilloba one of the most prosperous in the region. Currently there is no industry that stands out, although it is increasingly more importance to rural tourism and the construction of second homes.

The festivals are held in mid-August in honor of Saint Joachim (known in the village as a saint Xotxim) with the Moors and Christians and an amazing night of the pot, which is mixed with a parade humorous criticism about currently local and national levels. And during the first week of September, the fifth organized dances that take place over four days in a row in place of Skip. While dolçainer a drum and play live from a scaffold, dancing all the people involved in the party. Thus it keeps alive this tradition, usually held after the harvest and threshing.

As for the landscape, highlights the place of Salt, where the river falls from a height of ten meters; here too we find the remains of a mill that took advantage of the flow of the river to produce electricity. On the precipice of ham are remains of an aqueduct and the Muslim Frainos river basin, an old flour mill. The walk to the Calvary Tossalet also is singular, with ancient cypress forest which overlooks an exceptional panoramic view of the town and the region. Unique trees such as pines Don Pedro, pine Turis and the place of the hill Hawthorns, make Benilloba village ideal for the practice of hiking.

As for the cuisine, the dishes are typical of the people olleta, borreta, pericana and rice crust. Field highlights these lands oil white walls and terraced and clay. Lots of olive trees spread over the term testify to the importance of this land.