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Benilloba (Benilloba in Valencian) is a Spanish municipality of the Valencian Community, pertaining to the county of the County of Cocentaina (El Comtat in valenciano) in the province of Alicante.

Geography: It is located next to the Frainós river, between Serreta de Alcoy and Sierra Serrella on the road that leads from Alcoy to Callosa de Ensarriá.

In its term, of 9,5 km2, is the peak Aitana that with its 1,558 m. Is the highest height of the Province of Alicante. Also interesting are the landscapes of Salto, La Cruceta, the ponds of the river Frainós, where remains of a Muslim aqueduct and two old flour mills.

Bordering localities: Benilloba limits with the municipal terms of Cocentaina and Gorga in the county of the County of Cocentaina and Penáguila in the one of the Hoya de Alcoy.

Economy: Thanks to the textile industry Benilloba’s economy is one of the most prosperous in the region.

Administration: The current mayor of the municipality is Ana Delia Gisbert Climent of Compromís per Benilloba.


Benilloba was an old Muslim farmhouse.

In 1316, it belonged to Bernat de Cruïlles. In 1357, the Castilian troops of the infant Don Fernando attacked the population, and would be rejected by its inhabitants. It counted on 330 families of Moriscos, about 1.485 inhabitants, before its expulsion in the year 1609.

It was possession of the counts of Aranda, who granted the second letter puebla the year 1611. The manor of Benilloba entered to comprise of the patrimony of the condal house of Revillagigedo in 1757.

In spite of the dispositions that abolished the señoríos, the counts maintained their position until the year 1955, year in which they sold and transferred the existential seignorial rights to an individual. Thus remains the dominion of Benilloba, as an exceptional case in the Valencian Community.

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