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Molí del Salt

It is located in the denominated heading, heading of Molí del Salt. It is reached by passing through a fountain (Font de la Teulería) and what remains of the aqueduct of the same name, by a mill (Molí de los Penyes del Salt built in 1852 by Francisco Ximeno Blanes) and by an old bridge.
The descent to the mill is enabled with a masonry staircase, so access is feasible to anyone. Undoubtedly, the mill of Salt is the most unique and spectacular of the whole region. It is located in a vertical wall and water location. The river, which causes this natural wonder, takes place before reaching the mill, through a calcareous gorge that in the vicinity of the mill makes a waterfall of almost twenty meters in height.
The mill can be visited at any time as it is a place of free access. Currently, the mill is in a fairly advanced state of ruin: all the roofs have sunk, leaving only the walls. The building still has all the doors and also the corners of ashlars, some of a certain magnitude, just like the walls, both the one that rises on the rock to the river bank like the one that is in the slope of the mountain.
This mill was built during the 1760s and 1770s and its owners, the counts of Revillagigedo, leased it to several millers before selling it in 1865 to Don Benjamin Barrié Dosonié, consul of his British Majesty to the Kingdom of Valencia. In 1899, Luis Orta Montpartler, a neighbor of Benilloba, bought the mill on behalf of the Benilloba Electric Company (La Fàbrica de la Llum).