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The Ride of Kings comes to the Middle Road Cocentaina Thursday at 18.00

The arrival of the royal page to collect letters from children in Benilloba and announced the arrival of the Magi from the East, which maintains its traditional route by road from Cocentaina, was followed by hundreds of people in the square the church.

A crowd of children waited for the royal emissary with all the enthusiasm and letters so that the Magi It do reach that come to Benilloba on January 5 from 18:30 to road Cocentaina.

As tradition dictates, the Fifth title that premiered with the arrival of the new year, is responsible for organizing events to welcome Their Majesties. Children who formed a long queue at the Church of Benilloba, enjoyed lunch prepared by the young people who make this 18 years in 2017.

Tour of the Year and Fifth

As usual in the new year Benilloba received Quintos and lots of people in the church square where the bell rang to mark the precise entry 2017.

The next day, the new Fifth were the stars of the day with the return of Quintos, which began to house the first deputy mayor of Benilloba, Germán González, who dedicated a tune accompanied by the musicians of the parish choir.

Young continued house to house singing and selling calendars in order to collect the money that should be used to finance the dances.

detour road

The Ride of the Kings in Benilloba traditional route remains recovered last year cut will force traffic to Benilloba from 18.15 to 19.00 on 5 January with the authorization of the Provincial Headquarters of Traffic, the Department of Public Works and the supervision of the Civil Guard.

The diversion of traffic that has been authorized will be uncut junction Benifallim Cocentaina by the following roads, CV787, CV785, CV781 and CV770 (Benifallim, Penàguila and Benasau) and road Cocentaina-Gorga, the CV706Cartell cavalcada Patge Reial Patge Reial

Presentation of the book “The Last Wolf of Serrella”

Next Saturday 4th at 19:30. will take place at the House of Culture, the book of Jorge Raul “The last wolf Serrella


Over 300 years ago in our mountains have lived one of the most beautiful animals and feared of all time, the wolf. Human beings are the acacia and faced occasionally to protect the flock. It is in this atmosphere of struggle between the animal and people Gemma, a shepherd girl who lives at the foot of the Sierra de Serrella will have a unique experience, not only to her condition, but also for wolves roam the whole mountain. It’s a plausible story in which love, admiration and friendship for these animals so special is above the hatred, anger and revenge.
The last wolf Serrella is an adventure for the most wonderful and unique landscapes of one of the wildest mountains of the south and charming Valencian Serrella so admired and loved by all mountaineering enthusiasts and nature lovers.
When you visit the fringes and with the help of the map included in the book, you can follow each of the steps of the great adventure that live players in this fantastic story.

Choir of the University of Alicante offers a concert in Benilloba

Friday 24 March at 20:30 in the Auditorium of Benilloba, the Choir of the University of Alicante offers a concert with free admission to the capacity of the local.

 Choir of the University of Alicante. The Choir of the University of Alicante is a band that combines musical and pedagogical training of its members and the projection of this learning in both academic events as concerts. The Choir of the UA is a musical that is part of the Department for Culture, Sports and Languages. It has several goals, always starting from the base to learn and enjoy singing. Among the main objectives is to train members in the various facets of a heart, both musical, social and cultural, as well as participate and collaborate musically in academic events and institutions of the AU and the concerts are scheduled from the University. In addition, it seeks to enhance exchanges with other choirs, and participation in national and European competitions. Management is, during 2016/17, in Shlomo Rodríguez.

Benilloba initiates proceedings to protect the Salt Mill

The full City Council approves request the declaration of Relevance to Local Government. It is the first formal performance hall to prevent the complete degradation of the structure.

The full City Council has approved Benilloba requested the declaration of the Government of Local Relevance of Salt’s Mill in order to protect it from degradation suffered progressive structure that is abandoned by its owners.

Jordi Jiménez, councilor responsible for defending the point of the agenda, explained that “this is the first formal action carried out by the City Council to protect the Salt Mill, once passed since the process can require the property to act to prevent the degradation of the structure of the mill. ” According to Jimenez, “the objective is none other but to recover this heritage and industry of our people, but it must follow certain rules and we are always making communication with the Ministry. It is true that before the City Council had been in contact with the owners, but we always talk about informal conversations, we now act laws ahead, otherwise it would be a matter of time that Salt Mill disappear. ”

Ordinary Plenary held the evening of Wednesday 15 March, also approved the ordinance regulating the fees to the municipality. A general ordinance then be developed in each case and in fact allow the City Council to establish prices for the provision of various services.

It was also agreed to entrust to the Provincial Traffic administrative proceedings regarding penalties arising from infringements of traffic, motor vehicles and road safety in the municipality.

Finally, the House approved the new prices of the swimming pool for the next summer, a point where the councilor responsible for the area, Germán González, explained that “NPM pool we managed to reduce costs operating nearly five thousand euros, from over 15,000 in the first year just over 10,000 last. However, the service is still deficient and against our will and forced by economic adjustment plan approved by the previous Corporation, we have been forced to increase the rate, as we are required by the Ministry, although the minimum we could. In fact, if a user buys the most expensive passe summer season will pay € 0.45 / day. We adjusted everything. Benilloba We think that there was much scope for reducing costs, as we have demonstrated in the pool or at parties. “

La Marea. And the pieces salieron fight against hombres. April 1 in Benilloba

On April 1, will take place in the Auditorium of the work Benilloba tide. And the fish went out to fight against the men.

 The work, inspired by texts by Angèlica Liddell and Syrian and Senegalese immigrants currently living in Alicante, addresses the terrible exodus starring daily thousands of people from various destinations in Europe

The auditorium hosts Benilloba Saturday 1 April from 20 hours the play “La Marea. And the pieces salieron fight against Hombres “a staging of the Theater Group of the University of Alicante organized by the University Lecture Hall of Benilloba free entry to fill the hall capacity.

The work, inspired by texts by Angèlica Liddell and Syrian and Senegalese immigrants currently living in Alicante, addresses the terrible exodus starring daily thousands of people from various destinations in Europe. The staging directed by Ivan Jiménez has received critical recognition through various awards, such as the scene in 2016 in Alicante, Catral, Ibi, and Águilas Alhama de Murcia.

“Immigrants are people like you and me.” This is the everyday idea of ​​Ivan Jimenez, director of the tide … we want to convey about the distressing issue of refugees and immigrants in general living Europe today. The same assembly process has been geared towards this purpose. In fact, it has had a base in addition to the texts of Angélica Liddell, the eyewitnesses and Senegalese immigrant Syrians displaced from their countries who live in Alicante. They are specifically a UA student and an employee of a restaurant and his three roommates.

Iván Jiménez said the assembly was a great challenge for students. There was initial text had to build it. Listen in and listen out. Finally, an emotional rehearsal before the real protagonists of stories allowed them to know that the effort was worth it.

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