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The full City Council approves request the declaration of Relevance to Local Government. It is the first formal performance hall to prevent the complete degradation of the structure.

The full City Council has approved Benilloba requested the declaration of the Government of Local Relevance of Salt’s Mill in order to protect it from degradation suffered progressive structure that is abandoned by its owners.

Jordi Jiménez, councilor responsible for defending the point of the agenda, explained that “this is the first formal action carried out by the City Council to protect the Salt Mill, once passed since the process can require the property to act to prevent the degradation of the structure of the mill. ” According to Jimenez, “the objective is none other but to recover this heritage and industry of our people, but it must follow certain rules and we are always making communication with the Ministry. It is true that before the City Council had been in contact with the owners, but we always talk about informal conversations, we now act laws ahead, otherwise it would be a matter of time that Salt Mill disappear. ”

Ordinary Plenary held the evening of Wednesday 15 March, also approved the ordinance regulating the fees to the municipality. A general ordinance then be developed in each case and in fact allow the City Council to establish prices for the provision of various services.

It was also agreed to entrust to the Provincial Traffic administrative proceedings regarding penalties arising from infringements of traffic, motor vehicles and road safety in the municipality.

Finally, the House approved the new prices of the swimming pool for the next summer, a point where the councilor responsible for the area, Germán González, explained that “NPM pool we managed to reduce costs operating nearly five thousand euros, from over 15,000 in the first year just over 10,000 last. However, the service is still deficient and against our will and forced by economic adjustment plan approved by the previous Corporation, we have been forced to increase the rate, as we are required by the Ministry, although the minimum we could. In fact, if a user buys the most expensive passe summer season will pay € 0.45 / day. We adjusted everything. Benilloba We think that there was much scope for reducing costs, as we have demonstrated in the pool or at parties. “